Minnesota Womens Soccer League

Regarding 2021 Summer Soccer

We appreciate your understanding and patience as the MWSL Board of Directors has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic as a league for the past year. We have all missed playing soccer. We are writing to update you on our plans to return to play for the summer 2021 season. 

Our Annual General Meeting will take place virtually on March 13th, 10am-12pm.

Join us for the Zoom meeting at the link below:


Meeting ID: 831 9210 9445

Passcode: 372783

Dial in 312 626 6799 US

Every team that intends to register for summer is required to have one representative in attendance. Team registration will open the same day and the team registration fee is due upon registration.

The 2021 MWSL Summer season will run June- August for all divisions. To ensure the safest possible experience for all, the MWSL will put forth return-to-play guidelines. Team managers and players will be required to agree to safety terms upon registration. We will provide full details of the guidelines at the AGM. The health and safety of our players is our top priority, so we thank you in advance for adhering to the guidelines and ensuring a safe season. 

Policy Change Regarding Minors

The MWSL is also announcing a change to our policy regarding minors in the league. In the wake of the abuse scandals with USA Gymnastics and several universities, Congress passed legislation commonly called “Safe Sport.” That legislation has a number of requirements of adults who have regular contact with youth players in the context of sports organizations. This includes adult leagues who allow players under age 18, which historically has been the case in the MWSL.

Because of recent updates to this legislation, the US Adult Soccer Association (USASA), which is the national governing body for the Minnesota Soccer Association and the MWSL, has implemented requirements of its member adult organizations that allow youth players. Those requirements state that all Board members of the league and all members of any team that includes a player under age 18 must a) take the Safe Sport Training and b) pass a background check. The Safe Sport Training is a three-hour online training offered at no charge to member organizations. The background check would cost each player approximately $35 to complete and requires the sharing of personal information, including Social Security numbers. In addition, the risk to the league and individual players/managers/Board members is significant because criminal penalties apply to violations of the Safe Sport legislation.

The burden on the league to implement and monitor these requirements is substantial. It’s also a huge burden for teams/players who would have to take the training and pay for the background check. As a result, the Board has made the very difficult decision to require all players to be 18 years of age or older to play in the MWSL, effective immediately.  While we are disappointed to end a long-time tradition in the league of allowing teen-age players who may have no other place to play, the costs and risks are too significant for that accommodation to continue.

Please feel free to contact Karissa at fields@mwsl.org with any additional questions on this change. As always, you are welcome to attend an MWSL Board meeting to contribute to the conversation or just listen in. We appreciate your cooperation!

Volunteer with the MWSL!

The MWSL is seeking individuals to help expand and enhance the capabilities of the MWSL. Be a voice for your league, your division, and your team in a casual environment surrounded by like-minded members. Do you have interest or skills in the following areas? 

- Website Administration

- Field Identification and Relations

- Player Recruitment and Public Relations

If you do, we'd love to hear from you. Players from all divisions and all ages are encouraged to inquire. You can email us at info@mwsl.org, attend an upcoming board meeting, attend the AGM March 14th, or talk to one of our current board members during indoor soccer. 

Looking for a Team? Looking for Players?

The best way to find teams looking for players or players looking for teams is to visit our Facebook group page. Check it out here! Currently, a "Find a Team" option is not available on our website, and you no longer register and then have a team pick you up. Team managers must send you an invite to join their team.

Team Managers can be reached via email if you visit the "Contact" page where you can see a list of current teams.

You can also reach out to info@mwsl.org as a team manager or a player and we'll do our best to get you in touch with others.

MWSL Does NOT Cancel Games Due to Weather

The MWSL Board does not/will not cancel games due to inclement weather.

Games will only be cancelled under the following circumstances:
1.  Field manager closes the field
2.  Referees, at the field, deem field conditions are unplayable or unsafe

Should the MWSL be alerted of a field closure, we will:
1.  Email team managers of affected teams
2.  Post on Facebook/Twitter
3.  Cancel the game on the MWSL website, which also triggers a notification of affected players

Teams failing to have 7 players within 15 minutes of the game start time will forfeit and will owe 100% of the referee fees (pulled from the team's performance bond)

** Reminder - the MWSL Board is composed of 100% volunteers. Our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, other responsibilities, and often their own soccer games. We will do our best to alert team reps in a timely manner, however there may be delays in communication due to other priorities.

We are always looking for more people to join the MWSL Board and its committees to help in all aspects of our league. Please email info@mwsl.org for more information and descriptions of our current needs.


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