Minnesota Womens Soccer League

Important Dates

Summer games start: Monday, June 1st

Board Meeting: Tuesday, June 6th, 6pm

Summer Player Registration closes: Saturday, June 30th (temporarily closed)

Summer 2020 Update

The board of directors continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation. We are doing our very best to hold a summer season. After careful analysis, considering many factors, the 2020 summer season has been postponed and will be shortened.  We anticipate the season to run July 1st through approximately August 31st.

We continue to look to the USASA for guidance, while adhering to local and national authorities’ mandates on public gatherings including sporting events. Additionally, we are challenged by referee and field availability. In the event we are unable to overcome scheduling obstacles or are unable to enact means of maintaining the health and safety of our players, we may cancel the season. If cancellation becomes necessary, we will let you know as soon as possible, and team registration fees will be refunded in full.

  • Summer schedules will be completed mid- June.
  • Player registration will open mid-June (currently it is closed)
  • If you reserved fields for games in May and/or June, please cancel them.
  • If you learn of fields being unavailable this summer, please email fields@mwsl.org.  
  • A reminder that if we do have games this summer, the $300 team registration fee is non-refundable in any amount

We strongly suggest you connect with your players and solidify your roster. There may be players unwilling to play due their tolerance of risk of exposure to COVID-19. MWSL Rules and Regulations regarding forfeits will be enforced as usual, so please be sure you can field a team for all scheduled games. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Please communicate this information to your teams.

Please email info@mwsl.org with questions.

Stay safe and healthy.

Annual General Meeting

You can find the AGM presentation here

Watch/listen to the AGM meeting recording here

Volunteer with the MWSL!

The MWSL is seeking individuals to help expand and enhance the capabilities of the MWSL. Be a voice for your league, your division, and your team in a casual environment surrounded by like-minded members. Do you have interest or skills in the following areas? 

- Social Media

- Website Administration

- Field Identification and Relations

- Player Recruitment and Public Relations

- Commissioner (this is a formal board position)

If you do, we'd love to hear from you. Players from all divisions and all ages are encouraged to inquire. You can email us at info@mwsl.org, attend an upcoming board meeting, attend the AGM March 14th, or talk to one of our current board members during indoor soccer. 

Looking for a Team? Looking for Players?

The best way to find teams looking for players or players looking for teams is to visit our Facebook group page. Check it out here! Currently, a "Find a Team" option is not available on our website, and you no longer register and then have a team pick you up. Team managers must send you an invite to join their team.

Team Managers can be reached via email if you visit the "Contact" page where you can see a list of current teams.

You can also reach out to info@mwsl.org as a team manager or a player and we'll do our best to get you in touch with others.

MWSL Does NOT Cancel Games Due to Weather

The MWSL Board does not/will not cancel games due to inclement weather.

Games will only be cancelled under the following circumstances:
1.  Field manager closes the field
2.  Referees, at the field, deem field conditions are unplayable or unsafe

Should the MWSL be alerted of a field closure, we will:
1.  Email team managers of affected teams
2.  Post on Facebook/Twitter
3.  Cancel the game on the MWSL website, which also triggers a notification of affected players

Teams failing to have 7 players within 15 minutes of the game start time will forfeit and will owe 100% of the referee fees (pulled from the team's performance bond)

** Reminder - the MWSL Board is composed of 100% volunteers. Our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, other responsibilities, and often their own soccer games. We will do our best to alert team reps in a timely manner, however there may be delays in communication due to other priorities.

We are always looking for more people to join the MWSL Board and its committees to help in all aspects of our league. Please email info@mwsl.org for more information and descriptions of our current needs.


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