Minnesota Womens Soccer League

Important Dates

2019 Fall Team Registration Closes: August 21st

2019 Fall Player Registration Closes: Oct. 1st

Charity Tournament Team Registration Closes: Oct. 1st

Charity Tournament: October 12th

Welcome to the New and Improved MWSL!

We'd love to introduce you to our refreshing new website and branding as we transition into our 2019 Fall season! The MWSL has been working hard to revamp its look and feel, its message, and its reach to the overall soccer community. Take a look around and keep your eye out for more hype throughout the rest of the year!    

2019 Fall Team Registration Details!


PLAYER registration is open from Thursday, August 1st - Tuesday, October 1st

The MWSL hosts two different divisions for the fall season...

COMPETITIVE 11v11 (45 min. halves)
Wednesdays, September 11th - October 30th (8 game season)
6:30pm and 8:30pm start times
Hazelwood Park (Maplewood) and Victory Park (New Hope)

RECREATIONAL 7v7 (25 min. halves)
Thursdays, September 12th - October 24th (7 game season)
6:30pm, 7:30pm, and 8:30pm start times
Hazelwood Park (Maplewood)

At the time of registration, a $300 team registration fee will be assessed and each player will pay the $5 player registration fee when they register. Field fees and referee fees will be calculated and added to a team's account for payment approximately one week after the first scheduled game. Referee fees are not paid directly to the refs at halftime of each game.

To register your team, click on the registration link at the top of this page, corresponding to the division you would like to join. If you are new to the MWSL this fall and have not encountered our new website and software yet, follow the directions in this document to register your team. You'll also find more help guides on the left sidebar of our website if players are curious how to register, how to access your player pass, etc. If you have any questions, please reach out to info@mwsl.org.

2019 Charity Tournament

Did you know our 2019 Charity Tournament has it's own webpage? Click on "2019 Charity Tournament" in the navigation bar to check it out!

MWSL Does NOT Cancel Games Due to Weather

The MWSL Board does not/will not cancel games due to inclement weather.

Games will only be cancelled under the following circumstances:
1.  Field manager closes the field
2.  Referees, at the field, deem field conditions are unplayable or unsafe

Should the MWSL be alerted of a field closure, we will:
1.  Email team managers of affected teams
2.  Post on Facebook/Twitter
3.  Cancel the game on the MWSL website, which also triggers a notification of affected players

Teams failing to have 7 players within 15 minutes of the game start time will forfeit and will owe 100% of the referee fees (pulled from the team's performance bond)

** Reminder - the MWSL Board is composed of 100% volunteers. Our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, other responsibilities, and often their own soccer games. We will do our best to alert team reps in a timely manner, however there may be delays in communication due to other priorities.

We are always looking for more people to join the MWSL Board and its committees to help in all aspects of our league. Please email info@mwsl.org for more information and descriptions of our current needs.

Looking for a Team? Looking for Players?

The best way to find teams looking for players or players looking for teams is to visit our Facebook group page. Check it out here! Currently, a "Find a Team" option is not available on our website, and you no longer register and then have a team pick you up. Team managers must send you an invite to join their team.

Team Managers can be reached via email if you visit the "Contact" page where you can see a list of current teams.

You can also reach out to info@mwsl.org as a team manager or a player and we'll do our best to get you in touch with others.


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